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Under the Juniper Tree

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

And the meaning of life

Here is a poem, my view of the world,

As I saw it one day under the Juniper Tree.

Without warning or notice of any kind

The ecstasy of curiosity came over me.

I knew then and there, like the crack of a whip,

There was more to this world than I could possibly see.

The splendor of light was not just out there

But spreading its wings inside of me.

And upon my reflection I enjoyed in that moment

A taste of heaven and immortality.

The lesson I learned under the Juniper Tree?

The meaning of life is whatever you ascribe it to be.


Hello! I’m Michael Kennedy, Olympic Valley, CA resident. I’m a premium ghostwriter and photographer. Thanks for reading. If you enjoyed it, please share with others. I value your attention, it means a lot to me and it helps others see the story. If you're interested in any awe-inspired photos in this post, or in my gallery: click here, or just call or text at 530.608.9150. Let me know what size you want, and I'll send a quote. My email:

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