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Michael Kennedy has the rare ability to capture God's incredible creation in such a way that it allows us to see and step into our transformational potential. Michael's photography captures the majesty of what is and the possibility of what can be.

Tom Ziglar, CEO (Proud Son of Zig Ziglar)


"I’m extremely happy with the metal print "Old Tree," I bought from Michael Kennedy. It's top quality and looks even better in-person. I had some special delivery needs and Michael went above and beyond to help me get this 4-foot print mounted in my condo.

Michael’s a great person, and he really loves Olympic Valley and Lake Tahoe. His passion for this area is evident in his photographs and stories, and matched in-person.

My whole family loves the photograph. As a bonus, it feels great to support such a kind person who lives in the Valley and is so involved in making Olympic Valley a better place. I couldn't recommend Michael Kennedy and his art more."

Dr. Mickey Gupta 

Novelist and poet Alice Walker said, ‘In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they’re still beautiful.’ Michael Kennedy captures nature’s imperfect perfection in all its glory.  

His ‘Old Tree’ in black and white caught my eye, but it wasn’t until he shared more of his perspectives of Palisades Tahoe and Truckee that I realized how the beauty had caught his eyes. It’s easy to admire art that captures what you love—that is, dewy, green meadows; sun-drenched valleys; crystal clear bodies of water; and fresh blankets of snow—but Michael Kennedy takes even the most common of objects and turns them into articles of delight. And you won’t meet a more humble magician of nature. Michael Kennedy knows his place amongst the giant redwoods, behemoth jets, and gargantuan lakes. He pays homage to their scale in every image he delivers. Nature is his spirituality, and the camera is his meditation.

[My daughter, age 10, asked if she could help with this testimonial…]

I really like the way Mr. Kennedy captured the light in the background behind the clouds. It makes the picture have great lighting. It makes the clouds look electric – you can almost imagine the lighting striking the horizon. This is a really bold photo, but it still has light and texture. The way he has Squaw in the valley, hidden behind the 4 or 5 large trees in front. It gives you a sense that the wildlife is taking more room, and Squaw is insignificant in all of it. 

I also enjoy the clouds in the background that align with the branches of the tree. I admire the way Mr. Kennedy took the photo from below the tree. You can see each individual branch and leaf, and it’s very intricate. The first thing that caught my eye in this photo was that it makes you feel like you are standing under the tree. If someone were to look at this photo, they would be able to imagine that they were there. And I appreciate how he took the photo in black and white, but I can still imagine the colors. I really respect the way he chose this one tree out of the thousands of trees he could’ve chosen. It has that one branch hanging down by the middle. It’s also very unique and significant because in a way it’s deformed, and it’s unlike the other trees, but it’s still beautiful.

Jaclyn Foroughi (Truckee, CA)

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Every once in a while in life you meet a stand-out person who becomes a forever friend and mutual encourager. A true winsome type. Ten years ago, through the late Zig Ziglar and his amazing, ever-encouraging family, I met Michael Kennedy. Michael is an Overcomer, a Champion, a Great Dad, and a Winsome Fellow who is a writer, photographer, motivator, business marketer, and friend. His award-winning photography really stands out. Take a look at Michael’s portfolio if you're in the market for breathtaking images to brighten up your day, or own for your home.

Dan Snell, broadcaster and author of The Winsome Way.

We had a wonderful evening with Michael Kennedy on May 1st, 2021. My son is 12 years old and he has been interested in exploring his photography hobby. Michael met with us and escorted us on a walking tour of the Tahoe City Marina at sunset, stopping to take photographs of some of the more picturesque views of Lake Tahoe and mountains. My son was very interested and engaged the entire time. Michael is knowledgeable, passionate about photography, has positive energy, and he is great at working with families. If you’re curious about working with him, go for it - he is clearly an expert in photographing the Tahoe area and he  made it a fun, memorable and engaging evening for us all.

Heather (San Francisco, CA)

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