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The Fringe of Heaven

The allure of Lake Tahoe is so inviting, so visually rewarding, so stimulating and complete that at first, you’re dizzy with sensory overload. Once you gain your balance, and realize this isn’t a dream, you begin to appreciate you are part something magnificent and real.

The difference between Lake Tahoe and other places is it excites your senses remarkably fast.

You feel the magnetic pull of the Lake, you smell the clean fragrant mountain air, you see breathtaking sunsets, you hear the wind whispering through tall pines, and all at once, you’re touching the fringe of heaven.

But a place is what you make of it, isn't it? It's what you bring to it, just as with a relationship, a job, or a journey. Some people will pass through Tahoe and never sense a thing. Some people will leave their trash behind and graffiti on the rocks.

Here’s to the ones who get it. The ones who not only sense the beauty of this place, or any place for that matter, and bring their love to it.

Happy Thanksgiving 2021 from our fringe of heaven ~ Nic & Mike.

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2 comentários

25 de nov. de 2021

Happy Thanksgiving I’m so extra thankful this year x


25 de nov. de 2021

Happy Thanksgiving my sweet friend

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