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The Allure of Tahoe

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

The ‘"Allure of Tahoe" is a body of work driven by 'shivers'. One can’t look at the Lake without feeling them. My photography is about sharing this kind of visceral reaction, and the "Allure of Tahoe" is about reminding you of the shivers you get when you visit this lovely area.

“The Allure of Tahoe” is now open for viewing at the North Lake Tahoe Visitor Center in Tahoe City, CA for the month of October. If you can’t visit in person, please visit our website at We are constantly adding new, timeless images of Lake Tahoe and the surrounding area. All images are available for purchase in print, canvas and metal formats, including those on display at the North Lake Tahoe Visitor Center in Tahoe City.

Blue Wolf Gallery is here to make you feel something. And that something is... the shivers.

We would love hearing your thoughts about our images and your ideas of other places we should explore and photograph! Please email:

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