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Take Me There

Experiencing something magnificent, like the colorful calm of a sunrise over Lake Tahoe, or the mountains of Olympic Valley, or the elegance of mahogany boats, or the powerful grace of private jets, (the list can stretch forever…), seems selfish not to share with others, especially if I have a camera, a few words, and a platform to express such moments.

Afterall, these experiences lifted my spirits. Who knows, maybe they will lift your spirits too.

We all want to feel better or hold on to the good feelings we already have. This is my contribution to that end. Blue Wolf Gallery is my own magnificent obsession.

The photos and stories I share on this platform are my way of making you feel better, if only for just a nanosecond. It’s my way of transporting you from where you are to where you potentially want to be.

Thanks for letting me take you there.

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Aug 19, 2022

Beautiful images!


Aug 19, 2022

Womderful images

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