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Some Were Watching Shakespeare

“If this life is not a real fight, in which something is eternally gained for the universe by success, it is no better than a game of private theatricals from which one may withdraw at will. But it feels like a real fight - as if there were something really wild in the universe which we, with all our idealities and faithfulnesses, are needed to redeem." ~ William James

I visited Sand Harbor Beach last night to catch the sunset and stumbled upon the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival. I'll go back with my daughter another night. But last night, something "wild in the universe" caught my attention beyond the theatrics on the beach.

There were no interruptions, no distractions, no intermissions, just Mother Nature in all Her magnificent glory. I was immersed; bathed in the splendor of a Lake Tahoe sunset on full display.

This is art in its most majestic form. Nature, in and of itself, gives expression to what the artist craves.

Lake Tahoe provides the ultimate stage where we all get to enjoy front row seats. And the only cost of admission is a curious mind and grateful heart. Shakespeare may have been on Sand Harbor Beach last night, but Shakespeare has nothing on Sand Harbor Beach.

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