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Rolling Thunder Upwards

Updated: May 8, 2023

Glittering so restless they can hardly stay still on the tarmac, enticing you with their powerful elegance, pulling you in like creatures from Greek mythology. Why wouldn't they? You've wanted the freedom of flight since you were a child and your eyes fell on your first bird moving effortlessly in the sky.

Next thing you know, you're up above the clouds, your heart singing with excitement. Like a heard of thoroughbreds stinging under a spur, the powerful engines vibrate through your body, and your pulse begins to race faster than thought itself. The feeling up there makes you smile not only with your mouth, but with your soul, your eyes, and your whole skin. You feel like a child again; alive, safe, above your worries, above the pain and stress of life.

Then begins that elegant flight that ever afterwards makes any other form of transportation seem dull. For mountains, valleys, lakes and rivers flash by like scenes in a beautiful dream.

And if wanderlust gets the better of you - if you can't get that nose of yours headed home - well, just land your aircraft somewhere safe beneath the stars and sleep until you're ready to fly again.

What you'll find after your adventure is your senses are more alert than they were before, more finely tuned. You will feel a gratefulness you didn't experience before, and the world will become lovelier.

But you will never know these things... unless you fly. And no aircraft was built just to tease you from the tarmac. Listen to its enchanting call because that's the whispering words of your child-self reminding you what you were meant to do: "fly free above the clouds where it's clear on top."

"Just as ships are built to sail the seas and planes to fly the heavens,

so is man created for a purpose." ~ Zig Ziglar

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