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Beauty Makes Life Meaningful: A Visual Storyteller’s Manifesto

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

Here's a thought experiment:

Imagine you are sitting on a boulder overlooking your favorite Lake, under a spectacular sunset, the wind stirring through the trees, music to your ears, and the peace and calm you feel is so moving it sends shivers up and down your spine. All your troubles and doubts drift away, your mind is silenced as you float ecstatically on the still current of life. You're thoroughly connected and experiencing a moment of euphoria.

And now imagine it would be possible (something psychologically impossible) for someone to ask you in this moment whether or not your life has meaning. I believe you would agree, there could only be one answer, and it would be something like this: “It would have been worth it to have lived for this moment alone!”

As a "visual storyteller," I believe there's power and meaning in finding the beauty in people, places and things. And I feel a constant internal poke (need? obligation?) to share that beauty with others.

Experiencing beauty makes life meaningful. Beauty, is like visual poetry. It can be found at the Lake, for sure, but it can also be found on the wing of a grasshopper.

Beauty can be found through the mist of a sunrise, or in abandoned car in a parking lot.

Experiencing beauty is experiencing truth. It makes life meaningful. And the truth is, beauty is everywhere, begging to be noticed. It's up to us to just... look around.

Confucius put it this way: "If a man sees Truth in the morning, he may die in the evening without regret."

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