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Celebrating Freedom

The Fourth of July represents people’s efforts to earn and keep their freedom, stretching back to 1776, a struggle which continues to this day.

Sometimes the struggles are big, such as the ongoing Civil Rights, Me Too, or BLM movements. Others are smaller and more personal in nature, maybe it's breaking away from a toxic relationship, an uninspiring job, a boring roommate, or finding a new environment to call home.

Everyone has their own story to tell on that front.

And everyone celebrates Independence Day in their own way.

Tom Ziglar reminds us the value of freedom on a personal level. He suggests we declare our freedom from:

  • Bad habits

  • Negative self-talk

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Poor diet and exercise

  • Wrong priorities

  • Settling for second best

"Everything on this list is a choice we have the power to make," says Tom. I think I know where he's going with this...

Choose Freedom from these things, all of which pose a threat to becoming the best version of yourself.

Thank you, Tom, for reminding us the value of freedom, and challenging us to level-up.

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