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What Might Be?

There will be days when you give something your all. You leave nothing on the table. But you don't get the result you expect.

The proposal you spent hours laboring over, refining and polishing to achieve maximum favorable response got a quick 'No.' Whoa!

The promotion you worked so hard to get, spending weekends and holidays away from your family, went to the dilettante who showed up late for meetings. Whoa!

Why Me?

Our expectations and hopes are a thing of mystery. How can we really know what's best for us? We can't. But when facing moments of whoa, like these, we have a choice.

We can choose to be mortified by our disappointments, getting caught-up in the thick of thin things, or we can chalk them up to learning & growth experiences, preparing us for better things to come.

Maybe the proposals and promotions we poured our hearts into were rejected for good reasons, reasons we never considered. If accepted, our proposal could have caused us sleepless nights. If given, our promotion could have cheated us our higher calling.

We shouldn't lose faith in ourselves. Even if we don't get the result we expect, we can build our creative arsenal and strengthen our resolve for the next opportunity. What might be?

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1 bình luận

17 thg 11, 2021

What a so true read ❤️

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