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The Village Vibe

During the past couple years I've been walking through our village and for the most part, it's been all mine. Quiet. Peaceful. But lifeless. Until last night.

Sure, we've had a festival here and there. The Spartan race brought traffic that lasted like a minute. All and all it was the exception when I bumped into other people among the empty shops and "the dry scrape of scuttling tumbleweed." (Thanks Truman Capote.)

The pandemic and smoke from the wild fires along with the housing crisis has taken its toll on our little village.

But last night was different. Last night, with the Christmas Tree-Lighting ceremony ushering in the holiday season, there was an unmistakable feeling circulating throughout the crowd that the worst was behind us; we were getting a fresh new start. The vibe of the village was optimistic and energized.

The smiles were genuine, not forced. Laughter mixed with holiday music. Lovers held hands. Families took selfies together. Shops and restaurants were open and packed like never before. The pulse of the village was thumping and pumping with life again. The tumbleweed has blown away. Our Village at Palisades Tahoe is back!

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